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Mr. Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dear Shareholders,

The year 2019 was another proud year for Berli Jucker Pcl (BJC), as its operational efforts led to a considerable success during the year. BJC Group’s earnings reached 174,037 million baht, representing an increase of 1.1 percent from the previous year, whilst its net profit for the shareholders of the company reached 7,278 million baht, representing an increase of 9.4 percent from the previous year.

With its vision of being a leader in the ASEAN region, BJC now operates factories, distribution centers and comprehensive logistic systems in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and furthermore in the region. The Group also operates retail businesses in Vietnam and Laos. With its vertically integrated supply chain covering businesses from upstream, midstream and downstream, it is able to deliver continuous and stable growth and to move up to the global trade in the future.

I am proud to witness the continued growth of every company under BJC Group. In the packaging business we have invested to increase our production capacity to support the growing packaging demand in the region. We have also continued expansion of Big C Supercenter, our retail business, with opening of more than 300 stores during the year in all store formats both in Thailand and overseas. Moreover, the cooperation between each business unit such as the connection of logistics and warehoused network and the connection of Big C online and offline platform can further strengthen our business in the rapidly changing environment, progressing BJC towards becoming the leading center of production, distribution and services from upstream to downstream.

Throughout 137 years, the BJC Group has consistently adhered to the principles of good business governance in conducting its business with integrity, honesty, transparency, in tandem with expressing environmental and social responsibility, with particular focus on education and the development of the quality of life, including religious and cultural matters. We aim to create high quality personnel that may lead to a sustainable development of the country, taking pride beyond that of the business success from being a part in helping the society and communities through BJC Big C Foundation and its creative projects in driving and building the quality of life for the Thai people.

I wish to thank all shareholders, customers, clients, business partners and various organizations who have provided a valuable support to the business of the BJC Group. I also wish to thank the Executive Board and every member of the staff who have provided their cooperation with full spirit of dedication to enable us to carry out the business in consistent with our vision, policy direction and together achieving our targets.