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Mr. Aswin Techajareonvikul
Chief Executive Officer and President

Dear Shareholders,

Berli Jucker Public Company Limited operates a business of producing goods and providing services with a strong confidence in the principles of free trade and good business governance practices, operating its businesses responsibly to the society and all stakeholders, and comprehensively in the ASEAN region, covering operations in production, marketing, distribution, retail and wholesale management, to provide quality products and services to our customers’ daily lives. Today BJC is one of the leading companies in the country, and one that has been continuously growing for over the past 137 years, as it has claimed its place as one of the retail business leaders in the ASEAN region through its effective connection of all of its supply chains in every dimensions.

In the year 2019, BJC with the cooperation of our shareholders, the Executive Board and members of the staff, applied an impetus to ensure the continued growth of the organization. BJC with an awareness of rapidly changing economy and society continued to build upon its success by introducing new products and services to serve current customers’ need, and strengthening our existing businesses in the region such as increasing distribution channels, penetrating new group of customer, and increasing production capacity. Furthermore, we aimed to connect our logistics and distribution network both in Thailand and in the region. Regarding business operations, each supply chain has implemented new technologies to increase quality of products and services, build a good relationship with suppliers, as well as emphasized on human resource development in order to make the organization move forward and to be ready to adapt in today’s rapidly changing environment.


Furthermore, this was also another year that Big C, the Group’s retail business, continued developing several aspects of its business to maximize the customer satisfaction. During the year, Big C continued its branch expansion with opening of 4 Big C hypermarkets, 1 Big C Foodplace, 300 Mini Big C proximity and convenience stores, and 5 Pure drugstores. This year was also the first year that Big C expanded into foreign market through the opening of Big C Supercenter Poi Pet Branch in Cambodia. Due to the continuing expansion of small format, Mini Big C store network reached its 1,000th store milestone across Thailand at the end of 2019. Regarding online business, there has been a major upgrade initiative to our online platform to provide the best-in-class online shopping experience anywhere and anytime to customers including developing Big C website, adding more services, and launching Big C application which combine Big C Shopping Online, Big Card and Big Wallet in one platform. Moreover, to accommodate future business growth, BJC Logistics and Big C Logistics increased their cooperation to further utilize and connect logistics network and warehouses of each other, leading to better cost management and higher operational performance.

BJC can be likened to a big tree with strong deep root surviving in Thailand for a long time, luxuriantly branching out and providing shade to every part of the business with the principle of good governance; moving the organization with good corporate value and culture paying attention to the community, to the environment and with consistent good returns to all interested parties. In my capacity as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Berli Jucker PCL, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all shareholders, business associates, entrepreneurs, investors, business partners, customers and every member of staff for your confidence in us, and consistently providing your support for the operation of the BJC Group. We are ready to step forward towards the 138th year with a stability to take the BJC Group to the global market stage and we hope to provide worthy returns to all of you to our fullest capacity on the basis of conducting our business with transparency and furthermore being a good corporate citizen for the country.